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Thread: Lying about your child's age

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spacers View Post
    I guess it's just semantics but I do think it is a bit different than at an amusement park where you actually say, "Two adults and two kids," instead of "Three adults, and one child." At the museum, as a member, you just walk up to the door & they swipe your card & check your ID and you're in. No one has ever asked if all the kids are mine so I haven't *had* to lie about it. But I would.
    Naaa, both are lies and dishonest.

    One you are saying your child is not the age they really are....and the other you are passing off a child as your own and is not.

    In both situations you get to pay less than what you would if they knew the entire truth.

    I think lying by omission is still lying.

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    I agree with Kim, and I also don't think it's a big deal anyway.

    I don't think I have to be 100% honest about everything. Every once in a while the train conductor forgets to collect my ticket, I don't chase after him offering it up. I enjoy the free ride and use my ticket the next time.
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    If LC would let me get away with it, then yes I would!

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