Man tossing cash at mall

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Man tossing cash at mall

Man Cited After Tossing Cash at Mall of America - ABC News

Should he have been arrested? Should he have been banned from the mall? Any other thoughts?

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I think it was handled properly. He definitely should have been cited for disorderly conduct, and it seems pretty standard to be kicked out of the mall for a period of time after something like that, or for shoplifting. It was a stupid thing to do, but thankfully it didn't cause too much trouble or injury to anyone; if it had, then yes, he should have been arrested.

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Yeah i mean really. I don't think he really thought through what he was doing or the potential consequences of doing it. Just because he was trying to be nice(really it sounds like he was doing it for much more selfish reasons though anyway) doesn't mean that it was an okay thing to do.