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Thread: Married sperm donor

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    It depends on the friends but I wouldn't rule it out.

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    I don't have a problem with the actual donation to a close family member (but not a friend no matter how close). I am concerned about the legal support issues and the emotional issues of watching someone else make key decisions for "your" child. I look at my SILs and they do lots of things with their kids that isn't wrong but isn't how I'd want my child raised. I ignore it because they are the parents but it would be hard to be that way with a half sibling to my own.

    Basically, I wouldn't rule it out right away. However, given our extended family, there is no one who would need this.
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    I am not strong enough emotionally to detach from a thing like that. If it were me who couldn't have a child because my husband was infertile, I would go to a sperm bank. I wouldn't want the complication of having someone who is already in my life involved with my intimate family to that degree. It's not like there's any guarantee of anything with "familiar" sperm (that was funny to type). It's a crap shoot no matter what.
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    Nope. I would have a really hard time knowing the child. If it was anonymous that would be different.
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