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Thread: Michelle Obama and the Oscars

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    Quote Originally Posted by freddieflounder101 View Post
    I probably feel differently about her appearance because I love the Oscars and consider it a prestigious event, a lot more so than some sports championship, for example. I know how ridiculous it is for rich successful glamorous people to stand up there giving each other awards, but I love every minute of it, no matter how silly.
    I don't completely despise them. I love movies, i do love an excellent movie, I appreciate the art of performance, i appreciate the industry and what it provides entertainment-wise. I think i just get frustrated with how important they all seem to think they are, or at least thats the vibe they give off, even if its not true. But perhaps that is the fate of Hollywood, only because of the sheer amounts of money that goes through the industry and the amount it generates.

    I watched a little of the Oscars. I like knowing who wins to some degree and I like it when it exposes me to films that i don't know about because I really don't stay on top of the movie scene day to day.
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