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Thread: Microchip for High School Students?

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    I agree that the idea is a terrible one.

    BUT, if it makes you all feel better, RFID cards do not broadcast a signal that can be tracked from far away. So if this did happen, once the child is off school grounds, they can't be tracked. The readers have a small range. See this: Radio-frequency identification - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Maybe working for a school I'm looking at this differently.
    We face a HUGE problem in the fact that we are responsible for these kids and their whereabouts. If one is doing something they shouldn't and gets hurt, that is OUR problem. But we cannot babysit 600 kids every second of the school day here, and funding to school to hire aides, to help watch their every move, is going down the drains.
    As pressure from parents, and the government increases to know what each child is doing, where and when, schools are becoming more and more desperate to find ways to keep liability down. It definitely is a home issue too imo. Parents get so angry with the school if their child isn't in class doing what they should be. But somehow the child doesn't get the blame they should for not behaving. Junior ran out of class and left school to play hooky? They don't consider it junior's fault anymore. Now it's why wasn't the school watching him closely enough?

    I'm not saying the school is never at fault, but if the parents sent a better message about accountability, and did hold their kids accountable, this wouldn't be such a big issue.
    There is a big difference these days in punishments we are allowed to give, and the way accountability sits for the time they are here.

    If we are now evaluated on every minute a child sits in the class to be instructed, we are certainly going to do every little thing we can to get them to that class, including make it easier to chase them down.

    I brought this up in the office today.
    We ALL love it! Why? Because we would be able to increase safety, increase student accountability, and maybe even decrease spending because less staff will be needed to follow each child around, and less legal problems if something should happen (which costs schools a ton of money).

    I DEFINITELY agree about not being able to track them off of grounds if they are excused from school by their parents! As a parent and school employee, if these students are leaving without permission, I think everyone is better off knowing where they are. If my kid ran off, I would LOVE knowing where they went if they were cutting school.
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    No way to the microchips. They should work on figuring out why the high truancy exists and come up with a plan to prevent it rather than just know when the child is in attendance or not. It just seems like a high tech attendance taker to me and nothing that will prevent truancy in the first place.
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