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Thread: Minimum wage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jessica80 View Post
    Getting more pay encourages more spending, companies would earn more because people are spending more, taxes would decrease because those on assistance would lessen due to not needing services anymore. It's not idealistic it would make so much economic sense.
    If the cost of say a loaf of bread went from costing me $1 to costing $3, I would not have more flexible money to spend, I would have less. Just making more money per hour would not help if my cost of living went up faster than the raise in pay. In my opinion all that it would do is devalue the dollar. It is not creating any new money, only hurting businesses.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jessica80 View Post
    I would think it would be in the government's best interest. Less money spend on assistance programs.

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    Oh ok, I knew it was near Boston, I just didnt know if it was north or south of Boston. I am flying into Boston, he will pick me up there
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    This has nothing to do with minimum wage but I was shocked when I started looking for work in Boston how low the wages were. I assumed because of cost of living they would be more. The equivalent job that I had in Alberta pays $15-$20 less per hour here. I didn't take one of those jobs because then 110% of my income would go to daycare.

    I don't know if all salaries are lower like that here but it makes me wonder how people earning $17 / hour (the average salary for renters) do it. That wouldn't cover my daycare!
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