NAD - Men of Strength Campaign

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NAD - Men of Strength Campaign

This isn't a debate, I just thought it was really great and touching, and wanted to share it with you. FINALLY someone is running ads about rape prevention that target men. Don't get me wrong, I don't really disagree with the the PSA's that run that remind women to watch their drinks, travel in groups, et cetera, because unfortunately there is still a need for that advice. But it's awesome to finally see PSAs that target the real issue - "Don't rape."

The one that made me tear up was "So when she was too drunk to decide, I decided we shouldn't." That actually happened to DH and I at the very very very beginning of our relationship. We were at a party, I was tipsy and wanted to make out, and he said no because he didn't want to take advantage of me. (I know, I know, but give me a break, I was 22!) It's such a simple and decent decision, but unfortunately it doesn't get made often enough.

Anyway I just thought this was a really cool campaign and I'm going to share it with DH and see if he thinks they can do something with it at his school.

Here is a link to all of the posters they have right now:

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One of my great-nephews who is a senior in high school this year had posted some quotes from this on his Facebook page. I thought it was great.

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As a mother who's daughter's rapist was just convicted right before Christmas, seeing this made my day. This should be heavily advertised at all schools. Thank you for posting this!

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Love it! TFS! I'll be sure to pass it along as well.

Tracey - I'm very sorry to hear that your dd was a victim of rape. I am glad that she was able to get a conviction. I'll be keeping her and your family in my thoughts and prayers. (((HUGS)))


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What wonderful ads! Love it! TFS!