New news anchor chooses worst words ever to begin debut broadcast

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New news anchor chooses worst words ever to begin debut broadcast

A.J. Clemente was making his on-air debut as a news anchor on a station in Bismark, ND, on Monday night. As the broadcast opening plays, you can hear him say "f-ing s***" behind the voice-over. He was visibly flustered by his mistake and stumbles over his brief introduction. He was fired later that night.

Good response by the station, or overreaction? Fireable offense since it risked the station being fined by the FCC? Cut the new guy a bit of slack, especially since it happened *before* the camera was on? Or shouldn't anyone who wants to be a news anchor -- even in Bismarck -- know not to swear in the studio in case a microphone is live?

A.J. Clemente, KFYR news anchor, swears first night on air

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He had a mic on, he should have known better.

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He should have known better. I would give him a second chance though.

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Hey man, its a tough world. Choose a life in an industry where a critical mistake in front of cameras is guaranteed to go viral and you are likely to not get a second chance. Someone will probably grant him some late night interviews out how many views this got....if he can come off strong in those he may get a second chance with another station. Frankly I think that he got fired for how completely inept he looked ON air vs the actual curse word, which I think was probably more of the stations gaffe than his.