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Thread: No Candy For You

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    Quote Originally Posted by mom2robbie View Post
    This is so wrong and if she lived here I wonder how she would tell the obese kids from the thin kids, most years snowsuits are on or at least a heavy coat. Robbie will be wearing long underwear, sweat pants and a hoody under his costume. He is going to look obese but he is underweight, his costume includes a face mask (spiderman) and so it is not like she would recognize him.

    There are many things she could give out that is not candy or even food related.
    lol! I thought the same thing. How can you tell when there is multiple layers and snowsuits under the costume. Every kid looks like the michalin man
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    Quote Originally Posted by ClairesMommy View Post
    Bad, bad, bad idea. I sort of laughed at some of the people commenting in the story, saying they thought it was 'inappropriate'. Inappropriate???? How about waaaayyyyyyyy nasty and self-righteous. Man, is she in for a pumpkin-smashing, toilet-paper wrapping bring down on her house some time after Halloween.
    OMG, I totally agree with this! I'd probably even help with it.

    Quote Originally Posted by AlyssaEimers View Post
    No one is obligated to pass out candy on Halloween. If you go door to door asking for something, in my opinion you need to take or not take whatever you are willing to give them. I know many people pass out religious literature along with their candy. If people do not like that, then they will not go to that house or throw the papers away.
    If you don't want to pass out candy, then you turn off your front light and everyone knows to not go there. You don't answer the door and then give the ones that you deem overweight a nasty letter. And I'm sure we could probably find something in her lifestyle or eating habits that would warrant a nasty letter from someone else who so desired, kwim? Maybe she's thin but does she smoke, eat Cheetos too often, drink diet soda, not exercise, live on lettuce, drive everywhere, and so on?
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    How hurtful

    I would rather have my children off-the-chart obese and have a kind heart than have the "perfect" body and a mean heart.

    Those who give stuff out on Halloween are under no obligation to do so. My children have received prayer books, doughnut coupons, stickers, temporary tattoos, pencils, toothbrushes, ear plugs and candy. I love Halloween and anything that would take away from the enjoyment for little kids is just wrong.

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