No warrant needed to fight mosquitoes?

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No warrant needed to fight mosquitoes?

Mosquito-Fighting Plan Allows Access To Private Property With No Warrant

What do you think with this plan? Obviously public health / safety is important, but should public officials still be expected to first garner a warrant if they are unable to gain access?

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If it is truly done for those houses that are known to be abandoned or no response from owner from a posted notice, and they are only treating the outside. I'm okay with it.

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I think it's totally acceptable. We (meaning all of us) allow people on our property all the time whom we didn't necessarily invite or give permission to. And besides, it's treating mosquitoes. It's a good thing. Now I'm waiting for the whole pile on about "well what's next? no way in heLL I have to let anyone on my property and they need a warrant!!!!!!!!!" I would personally be glad for the bug treatment to go ahead without me having to give permission.

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I wouldnt want them on my property without my permission. I dont like anyone on my property without my permission. One time I let the kids out to play in the back yard (I could see them through the big windows) but the dogs were barking (not usual for them at all) and when I looked outside the kids were running back into the house. There were 3 men entering our yard to work on a cable box. When I called the company they said the workers dont have to alert homeowners, but if I put locks on all gates they would have to come to the door as they are not allowed to cut the locks. Worst part? we dont even have cable

If permission is sought and unable to be obtained because of abandonment then I think it is a different issue.