Not really a debate - 4th if July in Boston

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Not really a debate - 4th if July in Boston

I would like to take SO to Boston for 4th of July 2015.

I don't have the first idea as to where to fly into, where to stay, etc.

1. Where do I fly into?
2. Best hotel?
3. Best place to see the fireworks?
4. How long should I plan on staying?
5. What else are must-dos?

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For where to watch the fireworks, I'd probably choose a dinner cruise or charter a smaller boat with a group; no crowds, no long line just to pee in a freaking outhouse, and a great view! My sister & niece were in Boston over NYE a few years ago & watched the fireworks from the roof of a hotel on the waterfront. They were there for a school-related something-or-other over winter break and staying in a dorm at a university for most of their trip, but my sister booked NYE at a hotel for a special treat.