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    Default Occupy Wall Street song

    Do you think it is possible for 8 year olds to come up with these lyrics on their own?

    Do you think the song is appropriate to teach to third graders?

    A Virginia school district is defending a song allegedly written and performed by a group of third graders about the Occupy Wall Street movement that conservative bloggers are calling a form of indoctrination.

    The song, Part of the 99, was performed by children at Woodbrook Elementary School in Albemarle County, Virginia.

    A spokesman for the school system said as far as they were concerned there isn?t a controversy and called criticism of the program unfortunate.

    We really don't censor the topics that students come up with, school spokesman Phil Giaramita told Fox News & Commentary. This is the first time we've had the lyrics of one of these songs criticized.

    The controversy surrounding the song was first reported by the Weasel Zippers website.

    They're actually claiming third-grade children wrote these lyrics and chose the topic as well, Weasel Zippers wrote. Because what eight-year-old child isn't obsessed with class warfare?

    Giaramita said the song was part of a program sponsored by Kid Pan Alley. The boys and girls worked with a facilitator to come up with a theme and lyrics for a song. The songs are not allowed to promote any political or personal agenda.

    This was written four months ago, he said. And I think this particular issue of the Occupy movement was being looked at in a different way than it is today.

    But some critics are wondering how a group of eight-year-old children could write the following lyrics:

    Some people have it all
    But they still don't think they have enough
    They want more money
    A faster ride
    They're not content
    Never satisfied
    Yes they're the 1 percent

    I used to be one of the 1 percent
    I worked all the time
    Never saw my family
    Couldn't make life rhyme
    Then the bubble burst
    It really, really hurt
    I lost my money
    Lost my pride
    Lost my home
    Now I'm part of the 99

    Some people have it all
    But they still don't think they have enough
    They want more money
    A faster ride
    They're not content
    Never satisfied
    Yes they're the 1 percent

    I used to be sad, now I'm satisfied
    Cause I really have enough
    Though I lost my yacht and plane
    Didn't need that extra stuff
    Could have been much worse
    You don't need to be first
    Cause I've got my friends
    Here by my side
    Don't need it all
    I'm so happy to be part of the 99

    Giaramita said he has no doubts that eight-year-old children could write such lyrics and denied that teachers might have influenced their song choice.

    Students aren't told what to write by either school officials or by the people associated with Kid Pan Alley, he said. I've talked with teachers and they tell me you'd be amazed at how creative a lot of children are these days even younger than that.

    I've spoken with the Kid Pan Alley people, the principal and they all say the same thing kids aren't told what to write and you would be surprised or amazed at how creative and how thoughtful children even at that age are, he said.

    However, Kid Pan Alley issued a statement to NewsPlex.com expressing concern about the song.

    Last November, when the Kid Pan Alley Board of Directors was made aware of the song in question, we took swift action to clarify our guidelines for lyrical content, the statement read.
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    I think that it is funny when people who are either incredibly religious or incredibly right wing worry about anyone indoctrinating anyone. I totally indoctrinate my kids in lots of ways. I just call it good parenting.

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    What gets me is if they actually believe the 99% are content! What? They obviously are NOT content.. why else would they be protesting!
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