OT - Getting to Know You QOTW 10/14

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OT - Getting to Know You QOTW 10/14

I thought this was a great one from the Hot Seat thread.....

How did you come to PO?

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I had decided on our 2nd wedding anniversary I wanted a baby. I was on a week off from work because we close between Christmas and new years and was bored so started looking around for information on falling pregnant because even though I had a general idea I wanted to do everything possible to fall pregnant as quickly as possible because I had decided I was sick of waiting for a baby and stumbled across the message boards.

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My SIL brough me over. We were on a board called SunshineState Moms or something like that and the women were complete morons. Just classless tarts. So she told me about this board and the rest is history.

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My SIL sent me a link to something on this website and then I stumbled upon the forums.

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DH and I had been married for a year, and I was totally ready to start trying. He was NOT. But, in the midst of my baby fever, I googled "pregnancy" and then stumbled across the message boards. First I just stuck to the TOC board, and then I branched out to the A/A board (I wouldn't have even guessed that such a thing existed! And there were so many awesome women posting on it back then. It's pretty slow now, which is sad.) I didn't even know the debate board existed for like the first 3 months, but once I found it, I was completely hooked.

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I was pregnant with Tiven & looking for information about cloth diapers. DH was insisting that we use cloth and I didn't really know anything about them so I was doing that research. I posted on the CD board for a while & then noticed people were referring to birth boards so I joined the June04 board. And then when work was slow I started poking around for what else was here. ROFL

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I found PO when I was incredibly frustrated in TTC for a year. I was looking up infertility and came across the forums. They were very helpful for me to know what the appropriate questions are to ask my doctor to be informed, be tested, and what to expect. I used to go to the chat room as well, but I can't find it anymore?

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I had used the pregnancy calendar for my first two daughters and with my pg's that ended in m/c. Then they changed the website so that you had to be a member to use the pg calendar. I was pg with my 4th m/c and was super excited. I ended up joining a birth board. That pg ended in m/c and I found myself on the TTCAL board. At that time the CTC thread on that board was hopping. About 5 pages before you could click refresh. It was a neat bond with ladies that had all been through a similar tragic time. Soon after that I got pg with DD3 and have been here since. I only recently started dabbling in the debate board though.

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googled pregnancy message boards, tried a couple before staying here.

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The calendar thing.

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PO is to blame for the timing of my first child! I was pretty newly married and we had planned to start trying in August. In May I was goofing around at my office and trying to see where an August conception would put us due date wise, and found PO.

I fount the TTC board first, and the JLIH happen board (I knew my penchant for being a control freak and I was dead set against making our baby that way). I started reading all of these horror stories about people going off the pill and having all sorts of fertility problems. I went home that night and told DH about it, and said, maybe I should just go off now as it seems it takes a really long time to get back to normal? He said sure (this was May 13th). I figured once I got a period we would start using condoms till August. I got a BFP on June 9th. Still laugh that I let strangers on the internet make a medical decision for me. Duh! Best mistake of our lives, our DS1 is the sweetest little boy I have ever met.

I had a great wonderful BB (Feb 07),but could only talk about every nuance of babies for so long, so I followed the lovely Nadine over here and was instantly hooked. I miss a lot of debaters from the mass migration to another site a few years back.

Generally any board which discusses cervical mucous, descriptions of where or how people are having sex, or milestone comparing are ones that I stay far away from Smile

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"Potter75" wrote:

Generally any board which discusses cervical mucous, descriptions of where or how people are having sex, or milestone comparing are ones that I stay far away from Smile

Totally agree. I still don't actually know what dpo means and I am happy about that.

But my board had many moms with older kids too, and quickly became a wonderful place to talk about child raising, ideas to solve problems, mom lives, etc. We got through pregnancy together -- mostly the psychological stuff! -- and babies being born, and they just closed our board this year. My son is turning 8 next month! Those women are amazing. Always had fantastic advice, funny stories, a sympathetic ear, and a human side.

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Through doing a search when I was newly pregnant with my DD. It's funny, when I first came to p.org, I was so inexperienced with posting on message boards. I didn't know the "silent rules," and was so lost. I posted on the Trimester boards throughout my entire pregnancy, not knowing that I could post on my birth board during that whole time. I just assumed I had to wait until she was born to start posting there (I never even looked on the birth boards during my pg'cy, just saw there was that forum).

Then after my DD was born, and after I recovered from the first couple of weeks of sleep-deprivation and hormones, I just jumped in and started posting on my birth board without even introducing myself Lol They (my birth board) didn't know what to think of me. Smile

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I found it through a search engine. I was trying to look up pregnancy symptoms (which is kind of funny, considering I've been pregnant three other times... but I don't ever have morning sickness, so besides a missed period I have nothing else to go off of lol) and I found it. Needless to say I loved the site, so I decided to join... and the rest is history!

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Am i really the first one on this thread to say I came over with the Great Migration from BabyCenter?

My entire September 2001 board came here from BC when we were fed up with the place. (We weren't the only board)

Where are all the other old fogies like me?

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I found myself with a blended family and a surprise pg. I was looking for someplace to be able to "hang out" without a lot of weird looks and incredulous statements.

I googled and actually started on a different site. But someone got very nasty there and I was very put off.

So I started here after lurking a little and was amazed at how wonderful this all turned out and how much great info was on here. I've been an addict ever since Smile

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My manager at work recommended the site to me when I found out I was pregnant. I loved being able to talk to people candidly about being pregnant, especially as a FTM I really appreciated the BTDT mom's advice and help.