OT - Getting to Know You QOTW 12/16

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OT - Getting to Know You QOTW 12/16

What is your favorite present that you are GIVING this holiday season?

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It's a joint gift, but was my idea, a set of photos to my grandparents. At my Grandfather's birthday last month we got photos of him and my Nanna with all their great grandchildren, then all their grandchildren and then everyone (children, grands and great grands) and are putting them in a frame for them. My Grandfather is very unwell and isn't doing so great, we thought he wasn't going to make it earlier this year, and my Nanna has alzeheimers, so this gift as simple as it is will mean a lot to both of them.

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We had a family portrait taken with my family (parents sibs and their spouses) on the beach less than 4 years ago ~ but since then 5 more Grandchildren have arrived so the photo is really outdated. We paid the sitting fee to get another one taken this summer at the beach ~ I'm excited to give it to them! I think that they will be really happy, plus it means a weekend where the whole extended family is together at the beach, which will be something to look forward to.

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It's a toss up between DD's Disney Cinderella wedding dress and DS's train set. I love this age at xmas. I can't wait to see the looks on their faces xmas morning when they realize the reindeer ate the carrots and santa ate the cookies and drank the milk.

eta - I almost forgot but Melis reminded me about the pictures. Labour Day weekend we had all the grandkids at the farm. We piled them on top of a hay bale (one of the huge round ones) and took pictures with the sun setting on their faces, as a gift to grandpa OMG....I can't wait for FIL to get his prezzy.

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Mine is the home made rootbeer that I made for DH, even though I haven't tasted it yet. We started it last Sunday at my SIL's house and it should be just about done by now. We will try it on Sunday when we make the homemade fudge truffles. Making it was just so much fun! We had to simmer this mixture that literally looked like it belonged in the bottom of a hampster cage, and then strain it all out. What a freaking hoot! I hope it tastes good. It smelled good!

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Mine's a tossup between the digi scrapbook layouts of my sister that she told my mom she wished I would do, or the necklaces with matching earrings I'm making all the bigger girls in my family and friends, or the picture I took of my DS and his GF and had printed on a canvas that I will give to them as they haven't seen the proofs since taking them in October. I haven't made jewelry in a few years, but I saw an idea I just loved and needed to recreate with my own flair.

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Hmm. I made a gift today I saw on Pinterest for DD1's piano teacher that I love how it turned out. We got a TV for DH that the whole family will enjoy. We are celebrating Christmas as a family tomorrow so this has been our Christmas Eve. It has been a lot of fun.

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Giving Jace his Wii (the Mario Kart bundle) on his birthday (27th) Biggrin

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I got an apron for my MIL with two child sized matching aprons for when she is baking with her grandgirls. Smile

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I don't have a favorite this year. My ex husband bought a Nintendo 3DS for our son, who thinks he'll never get one in a million years, so I'm actually really excited for him to get that! DH and I can't afford to get gifts for each other this year, so just watching the kids open all of their stuff will be plenty exciting for me!

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I don't have one thing I'm super excited about, but I think my four-year-old will flip when she sees we got her her own suitcase with fairies on it.

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Ooooh New Bikes!!! My boys have never had new bikes, always some put together thing from the dump or scrap or side of the road that my dh fixed up. We are super excited!