OT - Getting to Know You QOTW 5/23

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OT - Getting to Know You QOTW 5/23

Sorry! Spaced it on Friday. The weeks are going by way too fast all of the sudden.

Tell us about your wedding to your DH (where were you married, how big, dress, all of the deets.) (Pictures also welcome!)

If you aren't married but would like to be someday, what would your dream wedding be?

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I was married 9 years ago on Wednesday! We had a medium sized wedding with about 200 people in attendance. We had seven brides maids and groomsmen. I had a white horse drawn carriage with a beautiful white horse. My dress was white with lots of lace and was sleeveless.

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Bonita, sounds beautiful!

We were married by a CO state magistrate in an outdoor ceremony at a venue up in the mountains. I wore a strapless white dress (fairly simple, not a lot of beading or lace) and DH looked awesome in his tux. We had 5 bridesmaids/groomsmen and a flower girl. Our colors were red, black, and white, so I just my bridesmaids pick a long black dress of their choosing in hopes they would be able to wear it again. The ceremony was pretty fast since we are not religious, but we did have DH's mom read a passage that she chose from the Torah, and my mom read a passage that she chose from the Bible, and DH also stomped on the glass and everyone yelled Mazel Tov.

The reception was pretty typical - dinner and dancing and all the wine and beer you could drink. Wink We did NOT do the Chicken Dance. I hate the Chicken Dance. Our wedding cake was chocolate with chocolate filling. Nothing too fancy, but I think everyone had a good time. We had about 120 people.

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Alissa! Congratulations!!

Our wedding was very simple. There were about 150 people, after the ceremony we had a afternoon tea-type reception with sandwiches, fruit, veggies, etc. My dress was plain, white satin with a small amount of beading. We had three bridesmaids/groomsmen.

If I were to do it again, I would just get married by a JP and then go on a fabulous holiday...

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My hubby and I were married at the small church we attended at the time. The details weren't important to me and I let my MIL handle most of them. My sister was my MoH but she was young (in her teens) so my best friend did most of her "duties." My husband's best friend was the best man, my brother the ring bearer (he was about 7), and my husband's cousin the flower girl. Our only real color was red, and since it was a February wedding I was able to find tons of decorations for super cheap. Like I said, the details weren't important to me.

We've been happily married for 7 years now!

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We got a friend of ours ordained over the web, and got married at a local park. We had 11 guests, told our loved ones who lived far away not to fly in for it, because we were doing something very simple. I didn't buy a new outfit but I wore something summery and pretty and some of my grandmother's jewelry. Dave wore shorts, we both had sandals on. I think I had a tank top from J Crew, lol.

We were married at a local park overlooking the water and then had a pot luck picnic. I wouldn't change one thing about it, it was romantic and beautiful and simple.

We will be hitting our tenth anniversary in September!

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"kris_w" wrote:

Alissa! Congratulations!!

Thanks! Biggrin

All of your weddings sound beautiful and romantic in their own way. Laurie, I love the idea of an intimate 11 person wedding/potluck. So simple and lovely.

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Not many details to tell. T and I snuck off to town, went to the courthouse were married by the magistrate and hit the drive through at McDonald's before we headed back home. We didn't even know who our 2 witnesses were, they were just two lovely ladies who worked in the treasurers office of the courthouse. Not a single person knew we were even thinking about getting married until after we had already said our do's.

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We had our wedding planned, I was about to send the deposit off to the beautifulreception venue we had chosen when we had been home, we had arrnged with the minister of the church the works, then hubby had back surgery scheduled for 3 weeks before our wedding date. We had to move everything and ended up having the wedding 4 days after Christmas, the reception venue jacked up the price so we had to rearrange the whole thing. The church I really wanted was $750 so I had to choose another one, my dress was bought off ebay as were my flowers, we had a groomsman pull out about 6 weeks before because his wife was due to have a baby right around our wedding date, a bridesmaid pulled out about the same time because a relative became really sick but in the end we had a good day.

Now pictures, none of these are professional ones (not that our professional ones were fancy either).

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Since ours was a 2nd marriage for both of us we kept things small. We wanted to do a ceremony for the kids mostly.

We did the ceremony and dinner at the Faculty Club at the Ohio State University. We had wanted to do the ceremony outside but the weather didn't cooperate.

I wore a simple dress with an empire waste. The kids looked fabulous - the boys in their suits and my DD in a sweet little dress. Little did everyone know we had a surprise little bun in the oven! I found out just a couple of weeks before that I was expecting our last little surprise! A perfect way to bring our two families together.

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I'll look for pics.. but ours was small about 25 people. It was in our church (we were the first wedding after a gorgeous remodel!). I made my dress no bridesmaids or grooms, reception in the hall of our small church. A friend cooked all the food (he was a chef) for the cost of the food it was incredible! Colors were peach and green. Had it right at the end of Summer Aug 30th so was able to take honeymoon when most people were already back in school/work etc. But the weather was still great.

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I was married at Treasure Island (a casino here in Vegas) in their beautiful little chapel. Both DH and I had been married before, so we wanted something small and intimate, yet still beautiful. I spent about $900 on my dress (so gorgeous!)... we had 18 guests, just close friends and family, and had a private dinner down at TI's steakhouse. It was beautiful and I loved every minute.

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There was a plan, and there was what happened. Wink We were going to get married at a lovely little garden restaurant. It was December so there would be lots of greenery & candlelight and a fire in the fireplace; we wanted a string quartet, passed appetizers, free-flowing champagne, an elegant cocktail party atmosphere. My dress was kind of a flapper thing, dropped waist, full skirt but not too long, lots of lace & beading. The restaurant could handle 85 people, which sounded like a very reasonable guest list to us. My mom's contribution to the guest list was 150 people, and she refused to make a decision about whom to cut, and that was just the start of the problems. Sad She complained about the menu (no meat, we're vegetarian) she complained about the color scheme (green & gold for the holidays, and I told her she could wear black) she complained about the open bar because some of our relatives are bad drunks (even though I wasn't going to invite any of those relatives) and she complained that I invited my father (although I asked her to escort me) and then she withheld the money she had promised. DH & I made the first payment to the restaurant ourselves, but when the remainder came due and she refused to give us any money, we cancelled the wedding.

We still got married on our special day, we just did it in Golden Gate Park with only the minister who married us and DH's best friend who took some photos. We went to dinner at our favorite restaurant later that evening. The power was out on the entire western side of the city, so we dined by candlelight. Blum 3 I'd called ahead & made arrangments with the pastry chef to make a little wedding cake out of two servings of tiramisu. The restaurant couldn't cook anything because their exhaust fans weren't working, so we had salad & wine hoping the power would come back on soon. It didn't & the manager finally came around to every table explaining that they were going to close & dessert was on the house for the trouble. DH wanted to leave but I said, "We'd like to see a dessert menu," so we had our cake & he was touched that I'd thought about that. And then we walked over to a pizza place that was still open (their ovens were vented directly outside so they could still cook) and finished our meal there. Blum 3