OT - Getting to know you QOTW 6/17

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OT - Getting to know you QOTW 6/17

Genie. Three wishes. Go.

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Real Responses:
Food for all,
Nature to calm the eff down

Selfish responses:
Not need to exercise and diet to remain healthy (and skinny)
Get my pre-mommy attitude back (good with school, dedicated to work, being nice to people)
Long hair that never needs to be washed

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Hobby farm to raise heritage breed chickens. A couple dwarf goats and a few ducks. Mostly about the chickens though. And a barn big enough to have a large wood working shop for DH.

A housekeeper.

A vacation somewhere new every year for the rest of my life.

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Permenant weight of 150 (that's ideal for my body type!)

Protection for my children from any danger for the entirety of their lives.

A credit card that had no limit and that I never had to make a payment on.

These three things would make life bliss lol!