OT - Getting to Know You QOTW 9/23

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OT - Getting to Know You QOTW 9/23

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 25 years?

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Just a light little question for a Friday night, huh? Smile

5 years -- hopefully with a new job or at least a promotion where I am, more sleep (because my kids are older), less free time (because they're involved in outside activities), and less free time because my side business is starting to really take off and supplement my income.

10 years -- hoping my business will be either a big amazing thing that takes up most of my time, or is something we've sold to make a ton of money! Oh lord, Juliet'll be 14, most of my time will be figuring out how to keep her from running our whole town.

25 years...RELAXED. I hope to be relaxed. I'll be 70. I hope I can convince my husband to move back into Manhattan by then, with a summer place in Amsterdam, where I can write my novels.

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5 years: Working as a Child Birth Educator. Still living where we are now. Both kids will be in school and we might look into adoption.

10 years: Running my business that I'll call a maternity center for now. Working on a business plan for it now with my co-founders. It's a big deal and I can't wait. I'll also have a teenage daughter and a pre-teen daughter. I'm askeered.

25 years: Hopefully my hubby will be retired and I'll be in my prime, career wise. We might consider moving into a new place. Hoping the girls will be happy and busy!

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Ok wow good one-
5years: on my 40th birthday a trip to swim with dolphins, everyday life about the same hopefully no more surgeries, with a few more recipes, and enjoying homeschooling the boys still.

10 years: Hopefully selling my art again, kids almost graduated, and remodled their bedroom into a sewing/guest room.

25 years: Just be turning 60, I want to have bought a 57 chevy and be enjoying volunteering at my church, maybe grandkiddos, and some part time or own my own business at home. dh will be retired we hope (he will be 70).

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Hmm... Well, I don't see us ever moving. We just bought 25 acres and have all sorts of plans for that Smile

5 years: Things probably will be pretty similar to how they are now. The kids will be ages 11, 10, 8, 6, so I'll be running a taxi service to and from school/activities. I imagine I will still be working part-time.

10 years: Yikes! The hormones will be raging around here with a houseful of teens and preteens. Maybe I'll go hide out for a couple years Wink I will probably be working full time and would love to be able to do some great family holidays, like see Europe and do a missions trip in a 3rd world country.

25 years: I'll be 55. Probably still working, but looking toward retirement. Hopefully a grandma (wow! Can't believe I'm saying that :eek: )

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5 years: celebrating the completion of my first ironman and loving my perky new boobs, I spend my days bra shopping, whittling away at my golf handicap and shuttling kids around. Weird side note - my phone just autocorrected kids to LSD. I will NOT be shuttling around LSD! odds are good I'm living in a different city. I'm going back to school and working on a book.

10 years: wrapping up my book tour with a two week yoga retreat in a tropical location. My kids are 14 13 11 and the adopted one is 7. I'm now over the thrill of bra shopping because my daughter is asking for one..... Though due to her mothers genes she is no where close to needing one. I enjoy flirting harmlessly with younger men, though am passionately in love with my husband. My house finally is decorated and I actually own matching wine glasses. I'm wearing a fabulous pair of reader glasses and I creak when I do yoga.

25 years: looking forward to my first kids wedding and exploring Italy on a slow food vacation. I have become fabulously wealthy by inventing the worlds first calorie free wine. Due to it's popularity with me I have foresworn booze and my golf handicap is in the single digits. I have adopted a small African country with the wine proceeds, and I allow all of the non vaccination people to live there.

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Melissa, if your book is as entertaining as any random post here, I'll take a few signed copies. Smile Make sure to have an author photo that shows off those perky new boobs.

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5 years: Hopefully we'll be a little more comfortable financially. Hubby and I are just getting used to budgeting and cutting back frivolous spending and it will take some time to replenish our savings. I'm also praying that hubby will have moved up in the company like he wants to.

10 years: I'm totally freaked out about my girls being teenagers! Hopefully we'll continue to have a close relationship with them and these years will be spent having fun on family vacations and simply enjoying each others company.

25 years: Still working.....saving for a comfortable retirement. I'll probably be missing my girls as I'm sure they'll have moved out and have their own lives. Hopefully grandchildren in my near future (if not already)! I hope hubby and I have the chance to do the traveling we've always wanted to.

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5 years - Pregnant with baby #3 (or #3 & #4 if I get twins LOL), enjoying life as a SAHM (or part time employment) in a new house closer to my sisters.

10 years - Enjoying a busy life as a mom of 3 (or 4) working as a childbirth educator/doula.

25 years - Complete my Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu, continuing to work, maybe by this time I'll be in a new field (midwife?) enjoying my children/possible grandchildren. My hubby will hopefully be the owner of a golf course where I will spend all my free time.

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5 years- Hopefully having so,me more babies. Hubby will be qualified in his trade so maybe either working less or me going back to my true vocation, teaching as a relief teacher.

10 Years- Hopefully teaching with 3 or 4 kids. Pretty much everything else the same as now. Maybe have moved for either mine or hubby's work

25 years- Again not much would have changed. Have a late teen or two still at home and maybe some grandbabies on the horizon.

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5 yrs - working at my current job most likely, with a 10 and 8 yo.
10 yrs - ditto above, just with a couple teenagers. I'd like to finish my music degree, if I can find the time.
25 yrs - seeing as I'll be 65, hopefully retired and hopefully with a couple kids who have graduated university/college and have jobs that they love. Hopefully I'll have a great SIL/DIL and that my kids are totally in love like me and happy. A couple grandkids might be nice, too!

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5 years - Hopefully being able to be a SAHM!

10 years -Going back to school, I would love to be a nurse!

25 years - With all of the kids gone and out of the house by now, being able to enjoy a flexable work schedule and travel with my DH!

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5 years - done with my master's and perhaps with or in the process of getting a promotion at work. Also I'll be helping my now 10 year old to learn to drive (yikes!!!) and sending my youngest to school Smile

10 years - I'll be wishing the kids would all just graduate so I don't need to spend all my money on their college educations!!! I hope my kitchen reno will be completed by then too.

25 years - I'd better be gearing up for retirement!! I'll be 63 at that point and I'd really love to be able to snuggle some grand kids and talk retirement with my DH and how we're going to spend as much time driving our kids crazy by spoiling their kids Smile Even if they choose not to have kids we'll spoil their pets!

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5 years -- in a larger place, maybe even a real house. Blum 3 I'll have gotten a promotion or two and will be socking away money for retirement. Weston is in second grade, Tiven is in middle school. DH is working a real job and/or writing a book that will make some decent money. I'd love to take a couple of really nice family vacations before the kids refuse to be seen in public with us. Blum 3

10 years -- Tiven is a senior in high school. :eek: I hope to be in coasting mode, just enjoying life day to day, feeling secure, not worried about where I'm headed or how to get there, that's so 2005. Wink And I'm not surprised to find MIL is living in the downstairs unit of our house.

25 years -- I'm 70. Tiven & Weston are in loving, happy relationships and the grandbabies are starting to arrive. DH sold a blockbuster and I retired a few years ago but we both still volunteer time at the school and the park. I hope DH is over his fear of flying so we can travel a bit, and I hope my kids live close enough for me to spoil the grandkids a bit.