OT: greasy stain on shirt

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OT: greasy stain on shirt

I put on my brand-new new-favorite shirt this morning, fresh out of the laundry. While washing my face, I noticed a wet spot on the front but figured it would dry before I got to work. At work, it's still there and I now realize that it's a grease stain. A grease stain that's been through the washer & dryer. Sad I have no idea how this happened; obviously I'd have treated it if I knew about it before washing, but what's done is done. What to do now? Toss the shirt? Can I save it somehow? Soak the whole shirt in canola oil so it becomes equally stained all over? Blum 3

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Try a stick stain remover. It's a bit more powerful than the spray ones. That is my go to. If that doesn't work...not sure what else to do.

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Put some dish liquid on it. Dawn or similar. Let it sit overnight and wash again Smile

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Amazon.com: Delta Carbona Lp 401/24 Fat & Cooking Oil Stain Devils Spot Remover for Fabrics 1.7 Oz.: Home & Kitchen

I used this brand for pen removal on my uniform and it's fantastic. Even though I bought hte wrong kind.

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I've heard of putting chalk on the spot, but not sure if that only works if you catch it before you wash?

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dawn dish soap works every time

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I swear by Dawn, too. I had a grease spot on a shirt, and it had been washed and tried a couple of times. I kind of forgot about it for several months since it's a cool weather shirt. I finally figured it was worth a shot to try to get the spot out, so I put some Dawn on it, let it sit about 30 minutes, and washed it as I normally would. Incredibly the spot was gone!