OT - LA Area Police

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OT - LA Area Police

Please keep these officers and their families in your prayers as there is a man actively hunting down police officers in LA and surrounding cities. My company works with officers in Riverside and it is very scary knowing that this guy is out there trying to kill them.

The suspect has been identified as Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33, and he is considered extremely dangerous and armed with multiple weapons, authorities say. The killings appear to be retribution for his 2009 termination from the Los Angeles Police Department for making false statements, authorities say.

Dorner posted an online manifesto that warned, "I will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in LAPD uniform whether on or off duty."

The first shooting Wednesday night occurred in the city of Corona and involved two LAPD officers working to provide security detail to a person named on the manifesto, police said. One officer was grazed in the head.

The LAPD's elite Metropolitan squad was sent to protect others mentioned in Dorner's manifesto, KTTV.com reported.

Later, two officers on routine patrol in the neighboring city of Riverside were ambushed in their patrol car at a stop light, said Riverside Lt. Guy Toussaint. One Riverside officer died and the other was in surgery.

The Riverside officers shot overnight were not actively looking for Dorner, authorities said.

Read more: Ex-LAPD officer following through on vow to kill police, shoots 3, killing 1, police say | Fox News

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This hits close to home for me, and is very scary, I hope they find him soon, and that the injured officers get to go home to their families soon.