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Thread: OT: Mother-in-law or MONSTER-in-Law?

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    Default OT: Mother-in-law or MONSTER-in-Law?

    Hi all! Here's a fun topic as we head into "Mother's Day"!

    How do you get along with your significant other's mom? Has she become like a second mother to you -- or rather is someone that has you ready to pull out your hair?

    For those with kids, do you view her advice as helpful or interfering?

    If distance separates you how do you foster your relationship?

    Finally, how do you handle Mother's Day? Do the two of you exchange gifts/cards? Do you have something special planned? Share!

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    I have a great mother-in-law. She is a wonderful person, very thoughtful and easy to get along with.

    Thats not to say everything is perfect all of the time...there are some frustrations, but they are all mild and in reality nothing compared to the drama that often goes on with my own actual mother.

    In regards to the kids she is extremely helpful. My 5 are her first grandchildren, she has no others yet and a lot of the time inexperience as a grandparent can mean a lot of trouble for the daughter in law/mom i think.....but for the most part that really hasn't happened. There have only been a few times where I felt like she was interfering and I'd rather she not....but incidents have been few and far between and easily ignorable and we can both just move on. I only confronted her once, and i regret doing it the way i did but i was worked up at the time. She took it upon herself to explain the birds and the bees to my oldest and a)I didn't think that was something she should have done without asking me first and b)I believe thats my job. Other than that, I've had no serious gripes and even that one, i was able to get over pretty quickly.

    We live right next door to eachother and its been great, and i know there are some MIL's that people would never dare live next to!

    Typically a mother's day gift to her still comes from my husband.

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    We get along great; she's just like me. Better than a second mother because mine is so good I don't need one. She's a friend.

    She is smart enough to not give advice which I think is a major reason we get along so well.

    We talk weekly, meet up halfway about every two months, we visit them twice a year, and they visit us once. We also try to plan a big vacation together yearly.

    I always forget to send something to her (and my Mom), but we call.

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    I think that MOnster in law is an obnoxious term. I would be totally put off to hear someone refer to the woman who raised their son use that term.

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    I adore my MIL. She is the most caring, generous person I have ever met. Truly.

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    My MIL is great. She's not technically my MIL though. She is FIL's former second wife. DH's mother died when he was young, but MIL (as I call her) raised DH and his sis. She's super and gets along great with my parents too. My kids love her and call her grandma.

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    My mother in law is wonderfully sweet and generous.

    She frustrates me at times because she can be somewhat passive aggressive, but that's nothing much of a bad thing.

    I'm not into Mother's day. I feel like its just a hallmark holiday. That said we will spend the day with family just like we do most sundays.
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    We get along well, thankfully. We live close and probably see each other a couple times a month. As far as with my child, there have been a few instances where my instructions were not followed but nothing severe. For Mother's Day, we get together for dinner with all the kids and give presents. Typically we get her a plant, flower, or anything else outdoor-like.

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    I don't really know my current mother-in-law well because I have only met her once and she lives across the country. She seems very nice though. My former mother-in-law and I still get along very well, even though my ex doesn't like her to talk to me. He tells her not to and she just ignores him. She calls and talks to me and complains about my ex and his new wife. I still visit her whenever I am going through that area usually a couple times a year.
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    My MIL is a very nice lady who is an awesome Grandma and raised a great son. That said, the two of us would not be friends if we didn't both love her son. It takes effort (for me at least) to keep up the good relationship we have, but I think that is generally just a personality thing. We definitely dont have compatible personalities
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