OT -- not a debate -- just hilarious

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OT -- not a debate -- just hilarious

I came home from work today...early of course, because what are they going to do, fire me?

Waiting for me was a registered letter from A&E. I figured it was paperwork connected to me losing my job. Instead it was my 5-years-at-A&E congratulations letter!

I quote:

"Part of the fabric of our corporate culture has always been to recognize the outstanding contributions of our employees. Your work has played a key role in making A+E Networks the success it is today."

It included a gift certificate for $150, redeemable at a HUGE array of merchants, including Amazon and others.

I thought it might say, "P.S., We fired your a** but it didn't

What a wacky company. I'll miss them.

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On the other hand, I'm jealous that you got a $150 gift certificate. I just had my 10 year anniversary at my current company and they gave me a lapel magnet (instead of a pin, it has a magnet back that holds it on your lapel) that has a plastic "sapphire". I'm using it as a regular magnet to hold my calendar to my file cabinet.

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Wow....that's crazy. Nice job on the 150.00 gc though. We get a 50.00 check on our 5 years and some stupid thing to hang at our desks (or in my case the basement).

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I hit 5 years this past January, and got nothin'....not even a "Hey, glad you're still here!" Lol .

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Yeah, in state service here you have to hit 25 years to get anything. However, I did get a party when I had each baby, and my co-workers gave me a nice bunch of gifts for Tiven. When I was expecting Weston I told my supervisor that I didn't really want a party and I was advised that it was not acceptable to withhold cake from co-workers. So we had a *little* party for him and no gifts. Blum 3

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Well the $150 is great, but not firing me would have been nicer.

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"freddieflounder101" wrote:

Well the $150 is great, but not firing me would have been nicer.

Maybe since they don't seem to realize they fired you they will accidentally keep sending you checks Smile

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Most satisfying thing you can do is go spend that money Smile Besides you still deserve whatever treat you would get with it.

I got a plaque for my 5 year mark at my current company. Seeing as i don't have an office, Seamus jokingly hung it on the wall over our washing machine...and its still there over 2 years later.