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Pink - Fluff

Do you like the new bright pink banner on the top of

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No! It's not pink to me, it looks bright red on my monitor, and it hurts my eyes. Yuck.

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It is neon pink on my screen and (no offence Missy), very obnoxious.

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It's a reddish-pink to me. It just looks weird because it doesn't seem to match anything else. It's a different color from the rest of the page and slightly wider as well, like someone started a redesign and then stopped.

(Sorry, Missy.)

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It is a weird reddish pink for me too, not attractive

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No offense taken. You all know (hopefully!) that I value your feedback. I have dropped you a PM (Kim - I added you on also.) Please read and get back with me when you all are able!


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I think if they are sticking to pink, the logo (the thing with the egg/pregnant belly) needs to change colors.