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Pink Slime


The article is too long to copy and paste.

Debate - Should ABC be libal?

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From what I can see in that article, no, it doesn't appear that ABC libeled or defamed Beef Products, Inc. (BPI.) Both of those require intentional falsehood, and the facts are that this company's major product is made from scraps of meat that were formerly considered unsuitable for human consumption, that the raw product is sanitized to prevent the spread of disease, and that the product was known colloquially as "pink slime" before ABC made their report. Did BPI suffer as a result? It seems so, but that doesn't mean that ABC wasn't telling the truth. It just means that people don't want to eat washed-up scraps of animal carcass processed into ready-made burgers & taco meat, which is kind of hypocritical given the American love of sausage & hot dogs.

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Thanks for re posting Bonita. I dont have anything to add to the debate, but it was an interesting read Smile