Please Read Before Posting

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Please Read Before Posting

To help our debates run more smoothly, we want to offer some tips and guidelines:

Before you post, be sure to read our Community Guidelines as by posting here you are agreeing to abide by those terms! Remember, a debate has 2 opposing viewpoints and is different from a general discussion that can be posted on the Anything Topic Board.

Each person is reminded to debate the topic, not the person. Those refusing to abide by our guidelines do risk a potential deactivation of their account.

Due to the sensitive and/or more personal nature involved within particular debate topics, we do request that you use "Abort. Ment" within abortion related debates and "BF vs. FF" within those centered on breastfeeding vs. formula feeding.

To further define:

Debates that are abortion specific -- please clearly label "Abort. Ment." in the subject line if it is not clearly titled.

POSTS that reference abortion, "pro-life" or "pro-choice" matters, etc. in ANY OTHER debate topic -- please use the Advanced reply option and label appropriately. We are not going to try and pick and choose whether it is related or not and this is expected of both "sides."

For other "sensitive topic" issues (parenting choices, religion, gay marriage, political leanings, lifestyle choices): Those opting to use a non-related debate topic to insert a dig, personal attack, or bash regarding one of those listed MUST abide by the Community Guidelines. If you cannot refrain from interjecting those within a debate, step away or risk the consequences of your own actions. IF you feel that it IS related to the debate, please use Advanced Reply and label accordingly.

Those that fail to abide by the request to label as outlined above will be offered one warning. A second offense may result in the disabling of your account. As previously -- those violating the Community Guidelines with personal attacks / digs already have consequences spelled out.
Also, as a way to get to know one another other than as debate opponents, we do now welcome off topic threads such as pregnancy/birth announcements, requests for positive thoughts/prayers, birthday wishes, etc. Just place "OT" in the thread title. Members that do not wish to read any of these particular threads - don't open them.

Your moderators for this forum will appear in the lower right of the board page in case you want feedback or need assistance.


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