Racist ad-should it be allowed to run right now?

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Racist ad-should it be allowed to run right now?
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I guess it should be allowed. Freedom of Speech and all. However, I wonder if it were ad for the KKK implying that non-whites were savages, would they be required to run it?

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If it is already been determined they have to allow it I don't think the timing should make any difference. We can't let things that happen in the rest of the world dictate how this country is run.

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I think it should be "allowed" to run, but that the people running it should accept that doing so will likely have consequences.

Just because you are "allowed" to do something, doesn't make it a great idea. I'm allowed to tattoo "I'm an asshat!" on my face-- doesn't mean it is a good idea.

It is easy to throw stones when your personal life isn't in danger. To incite violence a world away, seems reckless and a bit ignorant. It is our servicemembers and diplomats who will pay the price. It almost seems cowardly to me.

Legal? Absolutely. Good idea? Definitely not.

I guess I don't see what the posters intend to accomplish?

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I didn't read the article but i heard another piece on it. I accept that it should be allowed to run. I heard that they are considering just not accepting any non-commercial ads for the first time ever because of this (because that would be legal).

In the piece i heard they said a similar set of ads went on in the san francisco transit system and they decided to deal with it by putting their own ad next to it, pointing to the offending ad saying essentially "We do not agree with or support this ad" LOL

Anyway, NYC subways system has decided not to take that approach i guess.

I accept that there are no grounds to refuse the ad.