Rosacea (NAD)

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Rosacea (NAD)

I've got it. Anyone else? How do you deal with it and what script, if any, do you use? It's embarrassing. My cheeks just started looking flushed maybe 9 months ago, but now I kind of have this really pretty pimply rash on top of it and the skin is getting scaly. It looks just like the textbook pics and it's fugly. I need advice. TIA!

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No Rosacea here, just sympathy. We deal with bad allergies in my house and for my daughter, we just have to avoid all the food triggers. She gets a horrific scaly bleeding rash. Prescription strength steriod creams help get it under control, but there are risks with using those on your face as they have been know to cause Glaucoma.

I know my situation i different but, I would recommend detailed food journalling to get in front of what you can do. I hope that is helpful because I know I felt really helpless.

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No advice but lots of :bigarmhug:

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Sometimes I get something mild that looks like it. It looks like really rosy cheeks, but has no rash or scaliness. It seems to come up when I have a lot of non-organic black tea and dairy. My mom can always tell if I have been drinking tea! I think it might be my skin flushing the toxins. Other than that it doesn't bug me.

Have you looked into your diet to find out if there is anything that you are sensitive to?