Royal babe -- will a "boy" be a bit of a letdown?

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Royal babe -- will a "boy" be a bit of a letdown?

Yesterday, the announcement came for the due date for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (William and Kate):

Royal baby watch -- Due date revealed!

In reading comments on various articles online I sensed that there may almost be a bit of disappointment if this (firstborn) baby turns out to be a boy given the recent change to remove restrictions for females to be directly in line for the throne (vs. being pushed down behind any subsequently born males.)

I posted that thought as a comment on the article but I'd love to hear your thoughts as I know several of you expressed interest in this topic previously. Smile

(As a side note -- please enter your own predictions within the comments for gender, birth date, and your thought for name! I'd love to check this out later this year and be able to see who came closest on each!)

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I think either a boy or a girl will be lots of fun. My guess is a girl named Elizabeth Diana.

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I think they are just excited for the change. It's new and it's a great thing.

I am guessing 7/12/13, girl, name not sure....

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I would imagine people are excited about the potential to 'see the change' in action. And i mean, you would have to wait a whole new generation to potentially see it again. I think its reasonable that people might express a little desire to see a girl first. But I'm sure they will be happy no matter what.