Saggy Pants

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Saggy Pants

Wildwood Saggy Pants Ban - ABC News

Should it be illegal to have your pants hanging down?

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While I don't think we should have technical laws on types and how we wear clothing I can't really get up in arms about this because I've never understood this "style".

While they are at it maybe they can outlaw people who wear pajamas to the store and the girls who wear uggs with their shorts. Because those "styles" need to go NOW.

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Yes! Outlaw pajamas as day-wear.

Although, I classed it up myself last night when I went to exchange the very coveted piece of plastic made in China, to Walmart last night in my old yoga pants.

What have I become?

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It's just not something that will ever hold up to legal challenge. We can't make the claim that it's because undergarmets are showing because visibile bra straps and thongs aren't banned. It's not that skin is showing because (1) it isn't and (2) women show far more T & A.

Locals are "extremely offended" by the saggy pants. "We welcome everyone here, we don't discriminate against anyone," he said. "But what about my rights not to have to see your rear end?"

The rear end itself isn't visible. The style is boxers (or around here it's more basketball shorts) with the pants saggy low enough to see the boxers. If you can't ban things like boardshorts or basketball shorts, how can you ban the wearing of jeans and boardshorts together? Saggy pants are not the issue.

I'm surprised this has taken so long to run its course. Perhaps the "style" will die a quicker death if it stops getting so much negative attention like this.

During the off season Wildwood has a population over 5,400 according to the 2000 census, but the number of people visiting increases that number to approximately 250,000 or more during peak vacation time.

Something like trying to ban saggy pants could really backfire on them.

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This style has been around since I was in HS at least. We're heading on 20 years. I have no idea why this hangs on.

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It's a ridiculous style but there are a half dozen others I find equally ridiculous, and I don't see how you can ban it when no skin is showing. There's no difference between boxers, and shorts, as has already been said. I don't get it.

I'd rather ban too-tight pants than too-loose ones, and really, I don't want to ban either.

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I have no idea why my post was here as it was meant to be In the GC thread.

The pants? I don't see then often but they look stoopit and I immediately draw conclusions about those who dress like that, just like I'm sure they do about me and how I dress!