San Diego fireworks

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San Diego fireworks

In case you haven't seen it, the fireworks over San Diego Bay were supposed to last 18 minutes but lasted maybe 30 seconds. There was a malfunction or other error that caused all of the fireworks to go off at once.

The port district contributed $145,000 to this year's event, according to its statement. Visitors to the agency's Facebook page called the short-circuited show "unbelievable and unacceptable," and called for Garden State Fireworks to be sued.

The operator of a bait and tackle shop on Shelter Island wrote that "the 15 seconds that DID happen, was SUPER COOL," emphasizing in an all capital letters.

According to a producer of the event, Garden State Fireworks has offered to put on another show in San Diego before next Fourth of July, but there's a catch: the pyrotechnic display only makes up about $125,000 of the roughly $400,000 cost of the event, leaving the city to cover about $275,000.

Our news segment with the owner of Garden State Fireworks was on our local news. He was very sincere and apologetic. He seemed as disappointed as everyone else over the whole thing and genuinely willing to make things right.

So what do you think? Is suing the company over the top? Is his offer reasonable/good enough?

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I am sure people are disappointed, but I dont believe that they should sue

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After having witnessed two fireworks accidents very similar to that, back in the dark ages before they had computers running the show & there was actually a person nearby setting off the charges, I think everyone should be thankful that with such an intense explosion no one was killed, and no one was even injured. It was an accident, and a lucky one because no one got hurt. The operator of that bait shop has it right; it was a SUPER COOL show even though it was short, but that's only because you didn't hear someone screaming in agony the entire time until someone could get close enough to help.

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Over the top. Fireworks are explosives, and explosives are and always will be unpredictable. Sometimes, despite all precautions taken, things just go wrong. True for anything, really.

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Yeah I'm sure I would be bummed too but it sounded like one heck of a display for those seconds it went off lol. I don't think suing is the way to go. How "first world problems" does that sound? Suing because your fireworks display wasn't long enough?

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His offer is definitely reasonable. I can't imagine suing over something like that.