Santa and NO candy canes?! (fluff)

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Santa and NO candy canes?! (fluff)

So apparently our local mall Santa is NOT giving out candy canes this year. Instead, he is giving out "Santa glasses"... red/white striped cardboard glasses with Santa's sleigh + 9 red-nosed (?!?!) reindeer on the side pieces... and mall logo. A friend of mine discovered this when she took her 3-year-old today. She was not impressed. And her dd wasn't either. In fact none of her children (3, 5.5, and 9) were the least bit happy. The oldest was quite upset because she felt the mall was "changing Christmas". No clue the reasoning. We've both posted on the mall's FB page to ask because we're curious and they're mastering the art of avoiding the questions LOL

My kids know the "truth" (always have) but still like to sit on Santa's knee if we happen to be there when he is... partly just for the fun of it... but also because they want to get a candy cane... can't see them wanting to do that for a pair of cheap cardboard glasses that probably won't survive the trip home.

So... what do you think... is it "wrong"/anti-Christmas for Santa to NOT hand out candy canes? Should Santa be required to give out candy canes because candy canes and Christmas go together like peanut butter & jelly or sunshine & rainbows? Are children going to be traumatised because there's no candy canes? OK... that last is obviously me being very silly Lol

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Perhaps their were parents that didn't care for the candy being given to their kids? I know we saw a lot more little toys/trinkets handed out at Halloween this year than ever before. Between food allergies and people maybe not wanting to kids to have as much candy, there seems to be a shift. Frankly, I would rather not have either...messy candy for my small children or junky toys which we are already inundated with. A photo op would be fine for us, but it's not our tradition, so I can see people being a little confused about the change.

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Last year our mall Santa gave out a coloring page with a coupon for a free Chic-Fil-A kids meal. Much better than a sticky candy cane, IMO! LOL

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Eh. Wouldn't bother me or my kids. I have a kid who can't handle red dye #40-- so candy canes are out at our house anyways.

Our Santa typically gives out a coloring book.

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Our mall Santa gives out a coloring book and crayons and my kids are ecstatic with that. But even if they weren't I'd never complain about something that's free.

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They give out coloring books here too. I don't expect anything from Santa, so whatever they decide to give out is fine!

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I don't care what they give out. A candy cane, a coloring book, whatever.

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I totally agree sticky candy canes can be a parent's nightmare... but looking back from a kid's point of view, there was always something "special" about getting a candy cane as a kid. Of course if we had a Santa who never did candy canes then I'd never know any different... but for one used to it, might be a little disappointing.

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I get what you're trying to say, Marla. It seems tacky to me to give out paper Santa glasses with the mall logo, almost like they care more about the commercialism part of it than appealing to the kids. I mean, I guess that's what mall Santas are for, is to help the businesses in the mall, but how far do they take that?

I was put off a bit by the mall Santa here this year, too. We also just do it "for fun", but they wouldn't allow me to take a picture of her with my cell phone (something new), so if I wanted a pic of her I had to pay for it. Plus, Santa was not very jolly, lol. They gave my DD a sticker that said, "Be Merry." (I think Santa needed one. Haha j/k). It wasn't that big of a deal, but I don't think I'll be doing it again next year. I'll find somewhere else to take her.

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The only place that did Santa locally isn't this year :(. They also didn't give anything out, but eah santa photo you got a free print. Other places in bigger towns give reindeer ears and stuff, often cardboard and covered in the centres logo.

I just found which centre I'm taking DS to this year, they are giving away a paint your own bauble kit.

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Oh man, we get jipped here. Our Santa last year didn't give out anything. But I actually think my girls would like the glasses better then the candy cane anyway. They've only ever had two lollipops ever so they probably wouldn't know what to do with the candy cane! LOL

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The santa at our closest mall gives out boxes of chocolate chip cookies. Maybe candy canes are now seen as a choking hazard and a big liability for the mall. IDK. Kids can choke on just about anything.

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The santa we go to at our zoo gave out candy canes last year. From a mom's perspective I hate 'em. Sticky, have to deal with a wrapper, bleh. I could totally go for glasses or a coloring book - I think the kids would like that better anyway.

So no, I don't think it's a big deal to not get a candy cane. I like the freebie idea of something though - it is Santa afterall (all about giving, right?)

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I don't think our Santa actually gives out anything. Which is fine with me. Any freebie they did give out would just be a bonus. I will say that if I had my choice between a coloring book or a candy cane, I would prefer the coloring book. I'm not a fan of handing my preschooler sticky stuff.

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I haven't seen a Santa hand out a candy cane since I was a kid. Every Santa I can recall over the years, and I noticed this years before I had kids, gives out something like a coloring book and/or a little pack of crayons. Yes, they usually have the logo of a sponsoring company on it, I can live with that. They need to cover costs of paying all the elves & storage for the big Santa chair & all that. Last year we got a coupon for a child-sized scoop of ice cream at a place in the mall, but a friend who went to the same Santa another day got a coloring page with a coupon on the bottom for a free kids' meal at another place, so it seems like they were rotating sponsors.

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Small update: A friend of mine posted a picture of the glasses on our local paper's FB page and then the paper posted earlier today asking what people thought (the majority were pro candy canes)... they just updated saying they talked to the mall and were told that the candy canes for the kids have arrived from the North Pole and the glasses are a special treat from Santa. Lol

I guess they changed their minds Wink

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"Princess&ThePea" wrote:

Small update: A friend of mine posted a picture of the glasses on our local paper's FB page and then the paper posted earlier today asking what people thought (the majority were pro candy canes)... they just updated saying they talked to the mall and were told that the candy canes for the kids have arrived from the North Pole and the glasses are a special treat from Santa. Lol

I guess they changed their minds Wink

:clappy: Funny what a little 'bad' publicity will do, lol.

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"FLSunshineMom" wrote:

:clappy: Funny what a little 'bad' publicity will do, lol.

Lol I guess so LOL

She's slightly worried (not really LOL) she may be escorted out by mall security for the uproar she caused ROFL

I think it's hilarious LOL I told her to post the picture there just to see out of curiousity what other people thought... we didn't realize or even expect it would go this far LOL


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Santa around here gives out coloring books. I'm okay with it.

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It doesn't matter much to me what they give. Our santa gives out coloring books. I think I'm more frustrated with the cost of the Santa photos ($17.99 for ONE 5'7!) and of course there's no frame included... and they don't let you use your own camera if you're not buying one of their photos! I don't like that seeing Santa has turned more into a money-making scheme than the kids being able to sit on his lap and tell him what they want for Christmas (I've had two years where Santa grabs them up, looks into the camera, and tells them to have a nice day).