Seven in Heaven Way

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Seven in Heaven Way

Should we rename cities and streets that have religious connotations to seperate religion and government?

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I get what they are saying, but honestly it strikes me as being a very trivial and unnecessarily divisive "cause." It's like my mom always says, pick which hill you're willing to die on. This would not be it for me.

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This bothers me. There are actually important state-religion separation issues out there, and fighting for this totally trivializes them. No reason to attack people remembering their fallen comrades.

I don't like the name either but that's because it reminds me of seven minutes in heaven. We shouldn't be going out and telling teens to change that name either!

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It is freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion. People came here to have the religious freedom to worship or not worship however they chose. To keep Government out of religion. Instead the government is all over it saying you can't do this or that. Trying so hard to take religion out of everything that it completely defeats the purpose of why it was created in the first place.

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This is a ridiculous thing to even be going on in the news! It's a street name people! I'm Christian but I wouldn't care if there was a street named Athiest Way or Buddah Place! We all have defferent points of view... and it's funny that so many other religious groups want tolerance but we're freaking out about a sign that says Heaven??? When Heaven is a place that tons of religions, not just Christianity, recognizes as a place where good people go when they die! This is a classic case of trying to stomp out the freedom of speech, and has absolutely NOTHING to do with separation of church and state! As a reminder for those who don't know... "Separation of Church and State" was put into place so that government could not dictate to the people how and where they would live their religious lives... which was what was happening in England, which is why our country was founded to begin with... to be FREE!