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Not that she got what was coming to her. Any loss of life is tragic. Just that sometimes it is unavoidable. If you back an armed Police Officer into a corner, then you are taking a risk that he or she will shoot.[/QUOTE

they didn't back him into a corner! They ran AWAY from him!
That depends on what actually happened, and we do not know that. If they put the car in reverse as some have reported, with the expressed purpose to run over and kill the Police Officer, he did not have a choice but to try to stop them. It is neither here nor there how he got to be near the car. At that point they were trying to kill him and he had to stop them. I am sure there will be a full review to find out if that is actually what happened or not. If all they did was hit him with a purse, then no, I do not think he should have shot them. If they did try to run him over, then yes I think he was justified.