Should Companies Monitor Their Employees' Social Media?

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Should Companies Monitor Their Employees' Social Media?

[h=1]Should Companies Monitor Their Employees' Social Media?[/h]
Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Instagram and more... many employees turn to social streams frequently. Do you believe that companies should be able to monitor what you (general you) post / share on your personal social channels? Which side of the arguments presented do you take?

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As long as I'm not representing my company or using my company's name in posts asserting my opinion then I would say social media posts are mine.

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If you are posting in social media, and it's not private or restricted to certain people, I don't see how you can say that it's not okay for your company to look at what you post. If you have secrets, I have a little tip for you: don't post them on the internet.

They can monitor it the same way I can, if it's public it's public.

I think many companies look at people's social media profiles before hiring them. I know I've done it. It's silly to think they can't or they shouldn't.

If you're set up so that you have to approve people before they see it, that's another story.

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I agree with Laurie.

I also know most employers now look at social media before hiring, and I have mixed feelings about it. I hate to think that someone could see something a person did as a teenager or young adult and have that impede them getting a job in their 30's.
But I can see where it could be a valuable tool.

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Oh I'm okay with them looking, in general....I think I took monitoring a different way.

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"Jessica80" wrote:

Oh I'm okay with them looking, in general....I think I took monitoring a different way.

Absolutely not.. unless... it is PUBLIC... if you have a private account it should stay private,, but anything you have posted publicly is fair game.. and none of this (Facebook is all public topic)

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If you post something online or even written down you have to expect that it is a possibility that your boss could see it. If you post something on FB, even if it is private one of your co workers could take a screen shot and show your boss. If you write someone an email they could forward it to your boss and so on. It is always best to not put anything online that you would not want someone else to see.

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