Should gynecologists be allowed to treat men?

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Should gynecologists be allowed to treat men?

The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology cracks down on OB-GYNs treating male patients.

The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology says no. Slate Magazine and Planned Parenthood say yes. What say you?

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I say yes. I understand that they have a specialty, but they are still MDs. They also sound like the best resource available in some cases.

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Yeah i don't understand why they needed to do this. There are only two feasible explanations that i can think of as to why they would do something like this and neither are very convincing to me.

1)They feel that a gyno treating a male could be dangerous to the male's health because their expertise actually lies somewhere else (I think that would be BS and i really imagine this can't really be the reason)

2)They are afraid that women will have more difficult access to needed resources if a gyno's time is taken up by males. AKA, someone else can treat a male, a non gyno cannot treat a female for certain things and in some places there is already a shortage of gynos.

I think the second argument is more reasonable, HOWEVER....if it is truly a gyno that can provide the best care for these males, i don't think a male should be prevented from receiving that care based on his gender.

So I agree with Slate and PP, OBGYNs should be able to treat men.

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But but but the prefix gyno-, gyn-, etc means female!! They would have to change the name Smile

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Yeah, I don't see women losing valuable time with their gynecologists because too many men are taking up all the office hours, and I don't foresee a stampede of men clamoring to get in to see gynecologists, either. But for some things it just makes sense. In my early 20s I had a series of recurrent yeast infections that weren't responding to the usual OTC treatments. I had no health insurance so I went to Planned Parenthood to make sure it wasn't something else and to get a prescription for something stronger. They said my boyfriend needed to be treated, too, so I sent him in, and that ended the yeast infection problem once & for all! Blum 3

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I wonder if it has to do with the malpractice insurance they carry. I would LOVE for my Gyn to be my regular care, he cant as his insurance does not allow for it.

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Seems like government over-reach to me. If the patient wants to be treated and the doctor agrees to treat them I don't see the problem. My gynecologist does circumcisions and circ'd my youngest.

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It's not the government, Gloria, it's the professional organization that tests and certifies doctors to be able to call themselves "OB/GYN."