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Thread: Spin Off - What age do you stop letting your kids see you naked?

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    Yeah-- we are really open and the kids see us both naked at times.

    Our 9 year old is starting to be more private around her father, but the others totally see us naked regularly (ages 5 months, 3,5,7 & 9.) I don't imagine it will ever be an issue with my daughters.

    I guess I don't mind my son(s) seeing me nude bc I want them to know what real women look like. Models, playgirls, porn stars are NOT normal (not that they see those at this age....) But I want them to know that women aren't airbrushed or perfect, but that doesn't mean we aren't beautiful.

    My parents were very open about nudity and it didn't scar me. They just always reminded us that everyone has the same parts, no big deal.
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    I don't have a set age, it's more when one or the other person starts to be uncomfortable. Tiven was about 7 when she decided she needs more privacy. She started closing the bathroom door, although with having only one bathroom for four people our house rule is you can only lock it if you're pooping. She started wanting to shower alone, although I still had to help rinse her hair for-freakin-ever. She started closing her bedroom door when she gets dressed or undressed. But then again, sometimes she comes home from school and strips to her underwear; she'd probably get naked but we don't allow sitting down anywhere with a naked fanny. She was about 5.5 when she asked DH about his penis so he started being more discreet; he wears underwear most of the time but he won't go out of his way to cover up if she walks in on him. Weston could care less about wearing clothes, he's naked or in underwear most of the time around the house. And he still nurses to sleep most nights and I can't think how to do that without him seeing my breasts. I've never understood the whole covering up while nursing thing, especially in one's own home. Like Audra, I want my kids, male and female alike, to see what a *real* woman looks like.
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    My kids see me naked all the time. Not only do we only have one bathroom, so they are mostly in there while I am showering, but I just dont care, and we all change clothes in the livingroom most mornings. The baby sleeps late in the bedroom, so it is easier than trying to be sneaky. DH is more uncomfortable and tries to avoid it, but DD still sees him naked sometimes. He tried to sneak into the bedroom to get some clothes the other day while she was supposed to be sleeping in our bed, and she giggled, and giggled to see Daddy naked. She has two little brothers though, so she knows what a penis is and sees them frequently.

    I came from a family of two girls and I remember seeing my mom naked on many occasions. Even now when we are visiting I will often lay on her bed while she is changing and chat. It is kind of our private bonding time. I dont remember ever seeing my Dad naked, but I must have when I was younger. There is a story in my family of me informing my Grandfather that my Daddy has a tail, only his is in the front and hangs down like this (I'm sure you can imagine the hand gesture that went with that).
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    Bahahahahahahaha about the tail!
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    Yeah, never been a big fan of covering up in the house for the purpose of not wanting my kids to see my body. The cutest thing I ever saw when Ben was an infant and nursing was Claire watching intently, then lifting up her shirt and 'feeding' her doll. So cute, at least IMHO.
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    My kids still think being naked in front of us is hilarious.

    My husband isn't naked in front of them, but he'll wear just underwear if he's in the process of finding clean clothes or getting dressed.

    I don't go naked in front of them but I'll be down to underwear and bra or tank top for pjs. If I have to take off my top & bra I just turn my back to them and do it quickly. We're all sharing a hotel room right now and none of us are running into the bathroom to change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ClairesMommy View Post
    We're naked a lot. Kids would rather be naked or just have undies on than be clothed in the house, especially DD. The kids still bathe together and sometimes I jump in with them. DD always takes that opportunity to say something like "Mommy, your tummy's jiggly there because I kicked you alot when you were growing me." Gee, thanks babe. The kids share a bedroom and always see each other naked. Doesn't bother them or us one bit. I guess one day we'll stay more covered up, but right now nudity is a non issue.
    Awww!!! That's so sweet! At least it was a nice comment!

    I let it be pretty natural. I never made a big deal about it at all. They reached an age where they didn't want to be around when i wasn't dressed. Probly 4 or 5. Now they complain if i have to run around in a bra because i need to grab a shirt out of the dryer lol We don't put a taboo on it or anything, and the kids seem all ok with it.
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