Is Star of David symbol on Holocaust Memorial Appropriate?

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Is Star of David symbol on Holocaust Memorial Appropriate?

Ohio is building a Holocaust Memorial on the grounds of their state capital. Freedom From Religion Foundation is okay with the memorial, but is objecting to the fact that the star of David has been incorporated into the design. They say they object because people besides Jews were killed in the Holocaust and it is government endorsement of Judaism. What do you think? Is including the star of David on a memorial inappropriate considering 6 million of those killed in the Holocaust were Jews and that was the symbol that Hitler forced them to wear?

Finan, chairman of the advisory board since its creation two decades ago, has been vocal in his opposition and cast the lone no vote.

A Republican from Greater Cincinnati and former president of the Ohio Senate, Finan said he objects to the incorporation of a religious symbol, the Star of David, as part of the memorial.

He expects that will lead to lawsuits against the state claiming Ohio has unconstitutionally endorsed a religion.

?Whenever that happens, it?s probably going to tie it up for three to five years,? he said after the board meeting.

That concern, identifying with one religion, was raised in testimony Thursday by Joe Sommer, an Ohio board member for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, as he laid out his organization?s opposition to the design.

"The concern is about the Star of David, which is a sacred symbol of the Jewish religion," he said. "The foundation believes that its prominent display on a Statehouse memorial could give the impression of government endorsement of Judaism. Such endorsement is inconsistent of the First Amendment, which requires government neutrality toward religion."

State panel approves Holocaust memorial for Ohio's Capitol Square |

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I think their objection is ridiculous. It would be fine to also incorporate elements into the design that represent other groups that were persecuted, but it's intellectually dishonest to act like its discriminatory to put a Star of David on a Holocaust Memorial. The Jews were discriminated against because of their religion and died by the millions. Recognizing that in a Holocaust memorial is not offensive. Not recognizing it would be weird and kind of offensive. I often agree with the FFRF, but I think they're dead wrong on this one.