Is State citizenship the answer to the immigration debate?

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Is State citizenship the answer to the immigration debate?

Do you believe that a path to state citizenship could be a solution to the immigration debate or cause for more problems?

Citizen of the State of New York

In what is being portrayed as the new front on the immigration debate, New York State lawmakers are considering a bill that would grant state citizenship to some noncitizen residents ? including undocumented immigrants ? allowing them to vote and run for office. Is this a good idea?

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No I do not think it is the answer. Some things that I do think would help are really working on the process for people to legally enter the country. It should not take years for the paper work to go through for someone to legally come. The second thing that needs to happen is that the border needs to be secure. I can not imagine the horror that awaits some of these children that are coming in alone. Sex slaves and horrible other issues. It is not the answer to just let anyone in who wants in.

I do feel for someone who is in a very hard home life and who wants to come to America for a chance at a new begining and home life. I also feel for the young girls who are being sold into the sex slave trade. I do not think what is waiting them is any better than what they are leaving in many situations (obviously not all). Revamping the process so it does not take so long for someone to come in legally is a much better and safer option.

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It is what the Civil War was fought over.. Federal law trumps States...if stricter.. States can only make stricter laws..

Trouble is this is being contested in many areas.. ie Marijuana use/possession etc.

I think we as a country need to figure it out or it may start breaking apart more and more.. and we may be faced with not having a Union anymore.

States vs Federal rights... we shall see...

Regarding immigration issues.. We need to have a straightforward way for immigrants to come into our country.. it doesn't have to be easy.. but Clearly defined and consistent.. I have heard it is a big problem for those trying to immigrate.. that those examining papers etc.. fly on whims etc...