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Thread: Suing Anti-Vaxxers

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    Quote Originally Posted by mom2robbie View Post
    To my thinking then they have done everything they could to prevent the disease. Read my post above about me and CP, it does happen but it is not all that common. I could look up the stats but considering I took a course while doing my math degree subtitled "Lies, Dammed Lies and Statistics" I think you can figure out my views on stats. A skilled statistician can make a stat say anything they want it to.
    Agreed regarding stats
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivergallery View Post
    What about parents responsible for the spread of disease through kids that are fully vax'd?
    Quote Originally Posted by ClairesMommy View Post
    What about them? They took reasonable steps to prevent their children from contracting an illness, and furthermore vaccinated children aren't the reason why preventable diseases like measles or pertussis are making a comeback in the form of outbreaks.
    I agree with this. You can only do what you can do. IMO, responsible parents vax their kids, and make every effort to try to keep their kids home if they know their kids are sick* They also teach their kids proper handwashing, and teach them to cover their mouth when they sneeze or cough, and how to blow their nose in a tissue rather than wiping their nose with the back of their hand (obviously some of this is dependent on age - my five year old can blow his nose in a tissue - my five month old cannot.) Beyond that, there isn't much you can do, which I'm okay with. I only get mad when people don't even do the things that they CAN do, like vaccinations.

    *Having said that, as a working parent I admit that I have taken my kid to daycare when he was sick because I didn't have other childcare options available. I called my daycare provider and we talked through her guidelines first. She will take a child that has a cough or a runny nose; she won't take one with a fever as that indicates that he is likely actively contagious, and also he probably feels really crummy and would be far more comfortable at home. Even when he has a cough I try to keep him home and just work from home when I can, but that hasn't always been an option. I imagine it's that much harder for working parents who don't have the ability to work from home, so I do understand that side of it, but hope that parents try to keep their kids home when they can.
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    This is a terrible idea. It would open the doors for parents to sue over way to many things. What each of us considers due diligence is different. I consider taking kids that are sick and contagious out into public to be a bad idea, but I understand why it has to be done in certain situations. As a teacher I get kids all the time that are visually sick, and the parents think they are in the clear because they brought down their kids fever with tylenol.

    As a parent with 2 kids totally vaxxed (DD1 and DS4) and 2 kids that had severe reactions to vaccines I am understanding of both sides.
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    That door is already long opened.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mom2robbie View Post
    I kind of laughed at this because of my experience. I had CP in kinder and it was a bad case (went through my entire class), then I got it again when I was 18 in grade 13 (Ontario was still weird at that time). When I was pregnant with Robbie they found that I had NO antibodies to CP so I had the shots. When I was pregnant with Bailey, again no antibodies and they had proof that I had the vax... I gave up on going through a second round of the shots because it was obvious that my body did not react to having CP but I am super careful to make sure that if I am in contact with anyone with CP to limit contact with others.
    That sucks! Once was enough for me.
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