Tankless v. traditional water heater

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Tankless v. traditional water heater

My water heater needs to be replaced. I have a home warranty so $1500 toward a tankless heater will be covered. So, do any of y'all have one? What do you like about it? Dislike?

Which would you go for: gas tankless or traditional?

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We have a tankless. There are 7 of us and i think it works well. We don't run out of water when we are showering or anything like that. You can't get a REALLY hot shower if someone else is also showering, or if the washing machine is running, but you don't get a cold shower either, just not super hot.

I *think* i have heard our family size is kind of around the point, however, where you don't really conserve all that much energy by going tankless, only because we use a lot of water, but i don't know that for certain. I think its really hard to pinpoint how much we are spending on heating water because we have never heated water in this house any other way.

If i had a smaller family, i definitely would stick with the tankless. Even now, if i had it to do over again, i probably still would go tankless.

We have no hot water tank, and our furnace is actually ridiculously small too, it mounts to the wall. Aside from the potential to save on energy, its kind of nice to have the extra space in the cellar.

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Interesting... I've never heard of a tankless water heater?

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I'm assuming the one you might buy in the States is different than what we have here in Laos. We have small tankless electric water heaters at each tap...well, at each tap that has one (no hot water in kitchen or at bathroom sinks- only at showers really. Believe it or not, we live in a part of the world where average people don't have water heaters at all). Our experience is that they work ok, and it's nice because you don't run out of hot water, but, it's never as hot as you want it to be. Or, to get it really hot, you have to turn down the water volume going through the heater- so you get hot water, but not in abundance.

But, well, like I said, this could all be neither here nor there if the tankless water heater marketed in the States is totally different.

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When my bro and SIL renovated they installed a tankless and they both say it rocks. Endless hot water. Our tank sucks - it's nowhere near big enough and we're always running out of hot water. If we had the $ to replace it today I'd go tankless for sure.

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Another thought.. all the ones I have seen are natural gas. That might factor in if you are not close to a line, or don;t want the gas in your home.

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No idea what tankless is, but not sure if solar is an option there that you could look into. We had it growing up and at my previous rental, and once we get enough money saved will be looking into a quote to see if it can be installed on our roof. It saves money and if, like happens here sometimes, there is limited sunlight for a period of time and the water isn't heating enough you can flick a switch and an electrical back up kicks in and you have hot water fairly soon after.

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We run on propane.

BTW, Solar and Tankless are not mutually exclusive.

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We have Ecocute, which I know is in the US because my parents are buying one. 3L of hot water for the same amount of power it would take to heat 1L with a tank, and it is endless. My parents marvel over my bath when they visit, and for good reason. It's electric.

Do it!!!

Mara, when I first moved to Asia we had a bathtub I had to light with a match to heat. There was a natural gas heater above my kitchen sink too, not a great idea in an earthquake-prone country!