Tantruming toddler kicked off of plane

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"Potter75" wrote:

FTR I'm not talking about judging these parents for this incident. It was crap luck and crap happens. I was speaking more to over scheduling or video gaming (which you and then Kim mentioned). Society is not to blame for those things, parents are. Individual parents.

Right, a lot of individual parents don't see a big deal about having too many video games, so they, as individuals choose to let their kids play a lot. And its POPULAR....there is a societal influence and you can't deny that.

And over scheduling, i definitely think that a lot of parents have no choice but to put their kids into structured time because they are either single working parents or a two family income. It means your kids go from school to aftercare...or as they get older, they go from school to sports practice 3 days a week and play practice 2 days a week. I think there are a lot of people who would not choose to over schedule their kids if they could be home with them instead.

We had been very busy and very highly scheduled due to some of the things that the kids want to do. But i decided that we would take a break and scheduled them in less right now. But I can do that only because i can be home with them after school.

When so many parents have to do this, society is going to start emphasizing it. Coming up with new activities and alternative things...more camps more options, more stuff marketed to people who need this, thus giving the perception that its the cool or good parent thing to do (marketing has to make things look cool and desirable)

"Enrich your kids lives, send them to our camp" "Take advantage of our excellent after school art program" etc. etc.

What individuals choose to do and what society begins to tote as desirable are very closely intertwined....not separate things and both are resonsible.

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"blather" wrote:

Okay, I see that. I am not denying that individuals have to take responsibility. But there are some larger forces at work. You won't see daycares with kids outside playing for 8 hours a day because it isn't something that society in NA thinks is important (or even acceptable).

I would actually be horrified if my sons day care had him outside playing for 8 hours a day, but I also live in a country where the risk for skin cancer is high and the recommendations are to be inside or under cover from 10-3 when the sun it at it's peak. Even at home we are and if I were lucky ebough to be a SAHM would be inside or under the house during those hours which limits play to an extent, but I would prefer that than risking my DS get exposed to a higher risk of skin cancers even when following all sun smart recommendations.

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I do not think that they should have kicked them off of the plane at all. That's just ridiculous. Tantrum or not, they paid for their seats just like everyone else and tough crap if the kid was upset. She's two years old for crying out loud (no pun intended lol)! I have a three year old DD and you better believe when she's tired she can get out of control sometimes, and even being at home won't calm her down any sooner... nor will discipline. She calms down on her own time, and that's when we sit and talk about how bad it was to act like that. But obviously, like the OP said, there's nowhere to discipline on a plane. I think the worst part of this entire situation is the fact that she was perfectly calm after five minutes and they STILL kicked them off of the plane. Shame on them.