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Thread: Taxpayer expense for political fundraising

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    I knew this was going to show up on here

    I think if the security is going to place an undue burden on the town, then the campaign should pay for it.

    I also agree that both choices we have for the next POTUS stink. Not sure who I am going to vote for either. Most likely a write in or 3rd party option. Romney still has a chance of getting my vote, but not much of one.


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    Quote Originally Posted by myyams View Post
    That was awfully noble and vote worthy of him. I was an Obama supporter in the beginning. But, I just am failing to see what difference he's made and what progress we've made. Maybe I am just pregnant and having such a foggy brain. So if he's done some spectacular things I'd like to be reminded =) I'm not fond of anyone at this point so I have no clue who I'm going to vote for.
    He got rid of Don't ask Don't Tell, increased Food Stamp usage and killed Bin Laden....

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