Teen Mom's Yearbook Photo Banned

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Teen Mom's Yearbook Photo Banned

Teen mom's photo banned from yearbook - KLTV.com-Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News.

School had seniors take a picture with a prop that best represents them, like a musical instrument or sports equipment. This girl took her picture with her baby. The school pulled it saying it promoted teen pregnancy.

Is the school right that this was inappropriate for the yearbook or should they have printed it since there was no specifications on what the "props" could be?

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If they said no other people then they have every right to pull it. We had some pretty specific guidelines for our senior pictures.

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Silly.. petty stuff. I do not see it as promoting teen pregnancy, but of a wonderful choice she finally made.. I would much rather see moms loving on their children (at any age), than the ravages of the choice abortion makes in a friends heart.

I did not see a guideline in there for "no other people" rather, nothing to do with the person's family.. Maybe she should have brought in a car seat? or a baby bottle? How do those things define a person less than a musical instrument...? I would contest her child defines her MORE. I did read it as an object though, it didn't specifically say no other people in the photo. And I would have thought she might pick something like her child's baby blanket..
They do have a right to put whatever photos in they want.. it just seems petty.

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I agree with RG (what?!?) that I didn't see anything saying that they couldn't have other people in it "pre ban" but only said that now when they banned it. That might come up but I honestly don't think they said no people. This girl seems to have a decent head on her shoulders and I think if it said no people she wouldn't have.

I don't think this promotes teen pregnancy and to be honest, I find her story encouraging to all students. She worked her butt off to graduate early and to start college early all while working just under full time. That's awesome and not something a lot of teens, WITHOUT kids, would think of doing.

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This article states the only directions were "bring something that represents you and helped you achieve something"

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I'm with Rivergallery too!

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I'm with the school on this one. The senior portrait section is for portraits of the students. A baby isn't a prop, it's a family member and photos with family members belong in a different section. They gave her the opportunity to retake her photo and she chose not to. But they shouldn't have allowed pets by the same reasoning.

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I think she was actually making a wonderful statement by including her baby. And I agree with the others that she is setting a positive example, not a negative one.

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At our highschool it was standard for the young moms to have their babies in their school pics with them. I thought it was great. There was a really good program for them that included onsite daycare. So the babies were actually part of the school too. Those moms worked really hard to pull it off and having their babes in their pics acknowledged that.