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Thread: Too big for football

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    Quote Originally Posted by wlillie View Post
    I would NOT be Ok with my kid playing twice his size even for baseball. Imagine being the catcher when this kid tries to slide home. Or guarding him from getting a soccer ball. Maybe he should try tennis or track.

    Gloria, I meant putting him with the older kids in the recreational division.
    PeeWee teams typically don't go past 6/7th grade because that is when they can start playing on middle school teams. There is just a small overlap where they can play for either. Typically the smaller kids play on the PeeWee teams instead because they might actually get a chance to play since most of them wouldn't get off the bench in a middle school team. My boys were small for their age and there is no way they would have gotten to play on a school team.

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    Maybe this mom should spend her energy getting her child to loose weight instead of trying to get him a spot on the team. I dont think 300 lbs is a healthy weight for anyone.

    We had a child at my school last year that missed the weight cut off for football by about 15lbs. He started working out really hard and got down to the right weight, he says now he feels so much better.
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    I think size matters because the other players are so much smaller. I would think the impact of a tackle would be quite a lot for the other smaller bodies. And beside this, why isn't anyone doing any intervention on this kids' weight?? His BMI is between 40-50?
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