Typical work week longer?

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Typical work week longer?

Thinking of those you are close to: partner, family, friends, neighbors and yourself -- do you find that the typical work week for those working outside of the home is longer than 40 hours? Do you see this trend continuing?

A recent Gallup poll indicates that this is the case: The "40-Hour" Workweek Is Actually Longer -- by Seven Hours

(On a side note, I did notice what I *think* is an inaccuracy within the report where it states that the federal definition of full time employment within the Affordable Care Act ('Obamacare') was at 40 hours. While I vaguely recall a push for that to be the case, I though the 'full time standard' was set at a 30 hour work week which was one of the objections by opponents. Did this get changed?)

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I know at my job we are currently very busy and although we don't officially start until 9 nearly everyone is in the oiffice andhas started by 8:30, no one claims it. We are also skipping or shortening lunch breaks and often not claiming. We do get time off in lieu but if we get too much we lose it. I think anotherfctor in many workplaces is mobike devices and the fact people often take work home and do it in their own time effectivley adding more hours to a tyoical week

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I dont know anyone that only works 40 hours if they are working full time. I think the trend has been working more hours for a while now. Jobs are getting harder to find and keep, putting in more hours has become a way to have more job security

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The only people I know who work 40 hours are the ones who get paid BY the hour and their bosses don't want to pay overtime.

Anyone I know with a salaried job works more. Every single job I've ever had in my life, I've worked more. This is not a new trend!