Using the last tampon

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Using the last tampon

I haven't had a period in a few months (thanks, Mirena!) but I clearly remember when the last one happened, that I had two tampons left in the box under the sink. I noticed the other day that there are now none. Apparently a babysitter or one of my sisters used them, which doesn't really bother me, but doesn't it seem pretty inconsiderate to not say something? Or if you used the last one, would you be so embarassed about not being prepared for AF that you wouldn't say anything?

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Yeah, I'd definitely say something. I might even offer bring some by asap, in case my host is due for her period. I have used my sisters tampons or a friends, but it's never been the last one, so I didn't bother saying anything in that case.

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Yeah, if it was a sister then they should've said something. How old are your sitters? If it was a pretty young girl and she wasn't prepared and borrowed one and then you walked in later with DH - I could see how she might not say anything at the time. Should say something later though. If I borrowed a tampon from a friend and the box was pretty full I might not say anything either. Last tampon? Yeah, I'd fess up.

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If I were a babysitter and young and all that I'm sure I'd be too embarrassed to say anything. And until I lived on my own, I never thought much about running out of things. Don't those things just replenish themselves automatically?

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It's one of those things that I wouldn't stress myself about. She's babysitting, she used your tampons, consider it her tip on top of what she gets paid lol.

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It wouldn't really bother me if someone used the last tampon. I always check before that time on the month anyhow, and most of the time have to buy a new box anyway.

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I don't think I would ever take someone's tampon without asking first... but if it were an emergency situation I would just buy them another box... it's only $5 people lol!

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It does seem strange to take the last one and not say anything. I can definitely see the scenario of a young, angsty teenager being embarrassed. I would have told, probably even if there were quite a few left, but definitely if there were only a few or if it were the last one.

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I wouldn't think anything of someone using my tampons, even if it were my last one. They can use the last of my toilet paper....soap....tampons.....whatever. I can buy more.

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"Alana*sMommy" wrote:

I wouldn't think anything of someone using my tampons, even if it were my last one. They can use the last of my toilet paper....soap....tampons.....whatever. I can buy more.

Seriously? You wouldn't think anything of someone using the last of the TP and not saying a word to you? Wow, I can't imagine going in to do my business and having no TP in the house. That's the part that just really astounds me. I really don't have an issue with the using part, I mean if you need a tampon you need it, but to not say anything just strikes me as really wrong. What if I were on my period, too, and thinking I had two more tampons left and discovered this fact at 2am?

And the babysitters aren't young, one is in her late 20s, the other is probably 50s. My sisters are 30s & 40s.