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Married to Medicine: Vaccination: A Layperson's Perspective

I saw this article on FB this evening and wondered how it would play out here. Thoughts? (Please be nice about it)

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ITA with most of what she says. She is wrong about #2, though. Most people I know, including myself, who adopt an alternative vaccination schedule do so because we believe that an infant's body -- which is incapable of metabolizing ibuprofen for crying out loud! -- is simply overwhelmed by having too many vaccines at once. It's not about cost (in fact separated vaccines are more expensive!) and it's certainly not about convenience and it's not about whether we trust one pediatrician over another. It's a fundamental belief that a better immunity is developed, and that the baby is more comfortable during the process, when the body has only two vaccines at a time. I know from experience that if I get a cold at the same time I'm fighting allergies, the combination makes me exponentially more miserable than what the sum of the two miserables should be, kwim? And it takes me far longer to recover from that cold that it does when I get a cold, even a really bad one, when I'm not dealing with allergies. It's because my immune system gets overwhelmed, and I believe, and many other alternative vaccinaters believe, that this is what happens when the body has to build immunity to four, five, six, even seven different diseases at the same time.