Vegan Breastfeeding Death

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"daniellevmt" wrote:

I didn't say the deficiency killed the child. I said it was proven that the child had a severe (although, "severe" is an assumption I made based on the fact that doctors say it could have immunocompromised the child) vitamin deficiency. Which is true. From the article:
"An autopsy showed that Louise was suffering from a vitamin A and B12 deficiency"

You and Calbear are putting words in my mouth. My opinion here has NOTHING to do with how or what this child was fed. Fact is, the child was malnourished. Meat, potato chips, veggies, breastmilk, whatever. The child died. The parents went against their pediatricians recommendation to hospitilize this child for her bronchitis, and as far as I know, both parents' vision was fine. If the baby looked as malnourished and pale as the article stated, to me, it's neglectful that they didn't supplement or change the baby's diet. Again, take what or how they fed her out of the equation. It wasn't working for her and the parents should've taken care of it before the child died, obviously. There is not only one, but two cases of willful neglect in this case IMO. They refused to get her the care her doctor said she needed, and they continued to feed her a diet that caused her failure to thrive.

I can't speak for Calbear (whose name is Kate), but quoting you and asking you questions can't possibly be putting words in your mouth. I get that you made up the "severe" part, but where did Dr's say (in this particular case) that this child WAS immunocompromised because of its vitamin deficiencies? Did I miss it? Not being snarky, I truly don't remember reading that.

I'm sure the baby did look pale, most dead people do. Most french people in winter do, for that matter. You are just drawing conclusions that you can't possibly make from the limited amount of information in the article. You don't know that the child still had bronchitis when it died, you don't know that it was diagnosed failure to thrive, and you obviously DO take the diet AND breast feeding into effect or you would not bring up the fact that the parents and other child are still vegan and you would not disregard the fact that many breast fed babies have vitamin deficiencies, and that many 11 month olds being fed conventional diets in this country probably have them too. You also blame breast feeding as the sole reason that this baby had failure to thrive (which you seem to be diagnosing, not the article) when you say that the parents "refused" to change the breast feeding infants diet.

I'm not arguing much different from you ~ I do think that neglect could be charged ~ I just admit that I don't have enough information to draw the sort of medical conclusions that you seem to be able to. My mind is also very open to the vax analogy, but the reasons for that are obvious.