Virginia Tech fined

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Virginia Tech fined

Virginia Tech has been fined $55,000 for not acting quickly enough during the 2007 shooting rampage on campus.

The US Department of Education said University officials waited two hours to notify the campus that a gunman had killed two students in a dorm room early on April 16th. Seung-Hi Cho killed 30 others, just after the alert went out.

The University was fined the maximum amount it faces under the federal Clery Act, which requires timely reporting of campus crimes.

Seung-Hi Cho killed himself during the rampage.

Is this justified? Over the top? Do you think VT was partially responsible for the 30 additional deaths that took place after the initial shooting, or was it an unfortunate series of events that likely wouldn't have been prevented even with notification?

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Depends on what "notify" means. If it means the police then yes that is too long, if it is the campus at large.. Sometimes notifying will cause more deaths than not, I will leave that up to police, FBI etc to determine. Long as they notified authorities asap then NO they should not be fined.