I know a handful of people who are living in limbo, no longer a man but not yet a woman, and it's incredibly frustrating and demoralizing for them. There is something wrong with their bodies that should be fixed. I'm not sure how I feel about public funds being used, especially when so many other things that benefit thousands of people (schools, police, firefighters, services for the disabled) are being cut. But that's the paradox, sex reassignment is not covered by most insurance plans, so unless you're independently wealthy, it can take years & years to save up the tens of thousands of dollars for it. The cost is what is keeping most people from getting it done, I think, because they hate living in limbo. In Stacey's ideal world, I think I'd like to see it covered partially by insurance or public funds along with a hefty co-payment based on your individual financial standing, so it would be affordable to each person to their ability to pay, but more accessible than it currently is.

Also, I just feel need to say that Healthy San Francisco isn't necessarily a free program and it isn't available to just anyone. First, you must be able to prove that you've been a resident of S.F. for at least 90 days (which isn't cheap or easy to begin with and it's even harder for a homeless person to prove residency) and you must not have insurance or be eligible for any other public insurance programs such as Medi-Cal, Healthy Families, or Healthy Kids. The website actually says, in many places, "If you have insurance, do not drop it to enroll in Healthy San Francisco!" There is a quarterly "participation fee" of up to $450 per person plus co-payments for most services for anyone who is not on welfare or at the poverty line. Prescription coverage is very limited. Some lower-income people who get cancer are transferred out of Healthy San Francisco because their cancer makes them eligible for Medicaid. And finally, Healthy San Francisco only covers procedures done in S.F. and there is no hospital here, currently, that performs sex reassignment surgery, so it's kind of silly to say they'll cover it because they can't.