Want a side of fries with that poop burger?

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Want a side of fries with that poop burger?

No debate, I just wanted to post that headline. :biglaugh:

Seriously, though, ground turkey is teeming with fecal bacteria. Consumer Reports says more than half its samples tested positive for poop germs, among other things. And nine out of 10 harbored at least one of five toxic bacteria: salmonella, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and enterococcus. Additionally, the bacteria continues to evolve into strains super-resistant to antibiotics because, contrary to scientific advice, Big Turkey hasn?t curbed its use of the medicine, the magazine states. Federal law requires turkey processors to wash and chill carcasses throughout processing to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and contamination of the finished product, but it doesn't seem to be working. The National Turkey Federation disputes everything, of course.

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Where do you stand on this? Are you in the, it's no worse than any other ground meat, camp? Or, I'll switch to whole turkey breasts, thanks? Anyone going to boycott turkey until they stop feeding them antibiotics? Tighten the regulations & increase the number of inspectors? Something else?

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I don't buy ground turkey so I don't really know how I would proceed :). I'll continue on buying whole turkeys.

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That makes me really glad I don't eat ground turkey!

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That freaks me out because I DO eat ground turkey!

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"freddieflounder101" wrote:

That freaks me out because I DO eat ground turkey!

Me too. I just bought 2 pounds for turkey chili. It's in the freezer, but I don't think freezing kills those nasties.

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We eat ground turkey all the time, I am not to worried though. Maybe I live with my head in the sand, but I figure I do what I can to feed my family the best I can and I dont worry about the rest. We do eat turkeys from a friends farm though, so I see how they live, and I know what they do when it is slaughter time